trace chemo waste

Trace Chemo Waste Transportation & Disposal in Kansas

Chemo or chemotherapy waste may be hazardous chemical waste or biomedical waste. Proper classification is necessary to be in compliance with the laws regulating each waste type.

Below you will find items that should be properly disposed of in the Trace Chemo (Yellow) containers. We have listed items that generally DO go into the yellow trace chemo containers.

Trace Chemo Waste Includes:

  • Gloves
  • Tubing
  • Wipes
  • PPE equipment such as gloves and gowns
  • Empty syringes and needles

Bulk chemotherapy does not go into the red bag container.

We always ask you to check your facility’s policies and procedures and adhere to your specific guidelines before disposing of waste. If you have questions, please call 855-631-MEDI (6334).