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We can’t avoid stress, but we can be mindful of situations that trigger stress and anxiety. Here are some suggestions for preventing stress.

Identify Your Stressors

Stress in an unavoidable reality. Part of stress management is working to avoid situations that cause the most stress and anxiety. Identifying stressors can be difficult. It might be obvious, such as a difficult relationship, health concerns or work environment. Sometimes there might be a root cause that is more challenging to identify. Keep a journal of stress reactions and anxiety and look for patterns as to what increases anxiety. Plan ways to avoid those situations.

Modify Your Schedule

Many stressors are uncontrollable; however, some we can modify. If you know grocery shopping on Monday after work rattles you because of long lines and no parking, then adjust your schedule to shop another day and time. Set limits. Don’t stretch yourself too thin with activities. Set priorities for things you are most passionate about and dedicate time to those. Learn to say “no”.

Don't Become Overwhelmed

When faced with multi-tasking, make a list. This helps to see what needs to be prioritized and what can wait.

Involve Other People

Talk with your spouse, friends or coworkers and let them know you are trying to reduce stress. They may be able to help you identify stressful situations. Be open to advice and help from others.

Be Active

Exercise is often skipped when we are stressed. Regular exercise improves mood and lowers symptoms of anxiety and stress. It also can help with sleep.

Be an Optimist

A positive attitude helps keep us from slipping into feeling overwhelmed.

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A little attention to your smile and oral hygiene can help improve self-confidence. Here are a few tips for whiter teeth and fresher breath.

The US Department of Transportation(US DOT or DOT) is a federal cabinet department of the US government concerned with transportation. It was established by Congress on October 15, 1966. It is governed by the US Secretary of Transportation.

What are the secrets of long life and healthy again?  According to the US Census, about 84,000 folks over age 100 currently live in the United States.  A survey by United Healthcare of people over 100 revealed some commonalities among this age group.

We don’t need a microscope to know that electronic gadgets get dirty. Dust, grease, and germs accumulate on our electronics. In one study, 92% of tested cell phones were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria. Hair and crumbs also like to find ways into keyboards.