The staff at Midwest Medical Waste, Inc. is interested in more than just disposing of your medical waste. We are also excited to share you with some fun tips that anyone can enjoy!

Whether you are looking for tips on cleaning, safe and healthy travel, fun activities to pass the time, or ways to improve your quality of life, we've got a blog post for you!

Tis the season for local markets and lots of fresh fruit at the store.  There is nothing like the perfect strawberry, a nice crisp apple or a juicy watermelon. There also is nothing more frustrating than getting home and finding the fruit you chose is less than tasty.

Continuing on our cleaning throughout the house, here are some more tips.

All children anticipate Halloween.  The costumes, parties, and candy!  Rethinking the Halloween menu can add to the nutritional value of food and avoid the risk of cavities and obesity, while still having fun.

Let go from room to room and learn some helpful cleaning tips.

While traveling, the hotel is your home away from home.  It’s nice to have someone cleaning your room, adding linens, and making your bed while you are out and about, but a neatly made bed and fresh towels do not always equal a germ-free room.