Continuing on our cleaning throughout the house, here are some more tips.


Bed.  If your bed is made, the room looks neat.  When you wake up, pull the covers up to your chin, then scissor-kick your way out of bed so it’ll be half made already!

Drawers.  Go through drawers and get rid of things you have not worn at least twice yearly.  Put away clean laundry each week.



Most of us dread household cleaning chores.  Actually, look at the clock and time yourself.  Believe it or not, more chores only take 10 minutes.  Knowing this makes it less of a dreaded task.


Make tasks go faster by doing two things at once.  Start laundry than go clean the kitchen.  If you get interrupted with a phone call, fold laundry, fluff pillows, straighten magazines or dust while on the phone.


Begin vacuuming in the farthest corner and work toward the door using slow, repetitive motions in an overlapping sequence.

Make a Lost & Found Box:

Every house needs one.  Use a cute vintage lunch box or lidded storage container to stash lost game pieces, stray screws, and buttons, and such.  When you need the item, you’ll know where to look first.

Quick Rescue:

Take the laundry basket and do a quick walk-through of each room.  Place in it anything that doesn’t belong in that room.  Then go back and put away items in their proper place.


Cleaning should always be done top to bottom.  That way, any crumbs or dust that fall to the floor get picked up last.

Pick the right broom:

For indoors, choose one with finer bristles to pick up smaller particles.  For outdoors, go for stronger, stiffer bristles which work better to clear porous surfaces.