All children anticipate Halloween.  The costumes, parties, and candy!  Rethinking the Halloween menu can add to the nutritional value of food and avoid the risk of cavities and obesity, while still having fun.

Halloween Party Treats

Halloween parties are an ideal way to keep kids safe, get to know your kids’ friends, and control the amount of sugar dis consume.  Serve sweets such as cupcakes and candy in moderation.  Add in healthy snacks such as fruit and veggie trays and popcorn.

Some fun homemade treats include:

  • Spider Web Pizza – use whole-grain English muffins, tomato sauce, string cheese and strips of peppers
  • Apple Jack-O-Lanterns – Older children can carve out faces in apples
  • Mummy Dogs – Wrap turkey hot dogs in pop biscuits
  • Witches Brew – Serve 100% juice with seltze4r water.  Serve with a gummy worm wrapped around a straw.

Store-Bought Treats

Use only prepackaged treats for those coming to your door.  Individually wrapped packages of pretzels, sugar-free gum, juice boxes or snack crackers are a better option.  Also try nonfood items such as pencils, stickers, or temporary tattoos.