Wow!  Look At All The Benefits of Gymnastics

We have all watched Olympic gymnasts and been amazed at their strength, flexibility, balance, and control.

Gymnastics at all levels have health benefits for kids.

  •  Flexibility.  Flexibility is a key factor in gymnastics.  Increasing your flexibility can be effective to reduce injury and gain greater control of the body.
  • Disease prevention.  Gymnastics can help prevent health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  It helps encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Gymnastics is a weight-bearing activity, and that can help to develop strong bones.
  • Several studies show that children who participate in physical activity, like gymnastics, are likely to have better self-esteem
  • The American Heart Association suggests children participate in 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Participating in gymnastics helps meet this recommendation.
  • Gymnastics not only offers physical gain but also improves concentration and mental focus.  Gymnasts also gain improved coordination to be better equipped to avoid falls.
  •  In children, gymnastics also provides an opportunity to develop social skills and instill self-discipline.