Snow and ice are often a part of winter.  Slush that comes along into your home on shoes and boots can damage the floors in your home.

Here are some tips for slush-free floors.

The best way to clean up slush is to not have to clean it in the first place!  Prevention is key.  Here are some ideas to help:

Doormats are very effective.  Simply wiping shoes off on a doormat drastically reduces the amount of slush on floors.

Boot trays simply hold shoes in a tray while the ice and snow drain off your shoes.  There are several out there on the market or some ‘do it yourself ideas.

Entering through an attached garage is also a great way to avoid slush or drastically reduce the amount of snow you bring into the house.

Have folks remove their shoes at the door.  When it is snowy outside, it is not a bad idea to make sure no shoes are allowed to be worn in your home.

Shoveling snow also reduces snow in the house.  Clear sidewalks that lead to the entrances to your home.  Using ‘ice melt’ or salt helps, but it is still good to remove shoes before walking through the house with those chemicals on shoes.

Rugs are great for high traffic walkways in the home if you are not wanting to take shoes off.

If you do get some wet slushy floors, cleaning up the mess as quickly as possible also helps minimize damage.